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China’s relations with the West are at a crossroads. Capital Group political economist Michael Thawley discusses the political, economic and investment implications in this video.

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30 Years in Emerging Markets January 2017

A pioneer in emerging markets (2:03)
The importance of a research-driven approach (2:12)
The evolution of emerging markets (1:51)
Emerging markets: an important part of a long-term investor’s portfolio (2:13)
Emerging markets outlook (1:44)

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The Political Challenge of Populism January 2017

What gave rise to the populist movement in this country? Our policy and communications advisor, Matt Miller, reflects on its origins and implications in this video.

In this video, Capital Group portfolio manager Luis Freitas De Oliveira discusses how Capital Group’s Emerging Total Opportunities strategy offers a potentially lower volatility route into emerging market investing, and the different ways the strategy can fit into client portfolios.

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Trump and Trade: Separating Talk From Truth December 2016

When it comes to trade, President-elect Trump will need to reconcile campaign promises with pragmatism, says our policy and communications advisor Matt Miller.

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Welcome to the post-post-crisis era November 2016

Mike Gitlin, head of fixed income for Capital Group, explains why we’re in a “post-post-crisis era,” the term he uses to characterize today’s global economy.

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Decision 2016 – The US Presidential Election October 2016

Capital Group investment professionals discuss the upcoming US election and what the outcome may mean for the US economy, public policy and investments. 

Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Neithart discusses the rapid evolution of the emerging markets fixed income universe and suggests that today may be a good time for investors to consider participating in it.

Portfolio manager, Jim Lovelace, explores the history of Capital Group and our eight decades of investment experience.

Will China face a hard landing? What is the impact of secular stagnation on global growth? Hong Kong-based economist Stephen Green shares his views on recent economic developments, as well as the challenges and potential opportunities for investors.

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A new dawn for Brazil May 2016

Capital Group portfolio manager, Carl Kawaja discusses corruption investigations in Brazil and how he is assessing the potential for new investment opportunities there.

Behavioural biases such as loss aversion and herd mentality can skew investors' decisions and impact returns. At Capital Group, we believe that buying and holding solid portfolios with downside resilience and lower volatility can help protect investors from making irrational decisions, and reward them for their patience.

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Opportunities in 2016 Amid Bumpy US Recovery January 2016

Capital Group portfolio manager Tim Armour discusses his outlook for the US economy and US company growth.

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US, China Trade Places as Global Growth Engine January 2016

Portfolio manager Rob Lovelace offers his perspective on recovery and growth in China, the US, Japan, Europe and the emerging markets.

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Investment Themes to Watch in 2016 January 2016

Portfolio managers Tim Armour and Rob Lovelace discuss opportunities in the emerging markets, energy, health care and the Internet.

Capital Group portfolio manager John Smet discusses areas of opportunity he sees for fixed-income investors looking ahead into 2016.

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China, Volatility and Why This Is Not 2008 January 2016

Portfolio manager Jody Jonsson discusses the role of China's decelerating GDP and overvalued currency in the latest market volatility.

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Capital Group Hiring Where the World is Going January 2016

Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Lovelace discusses the investment group's approach to hiring new research associates.