Capital Group investment professionals discuss the upcoming US election and what the outcome may mean for the US economy, public policy and investments.

October 2016

As governments take the brakes off spending, fixed-income portfolio manager Mark Brett favours the US Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, the Japanese yen and local currency emerging market bonds.

September 2016

From Brexit and recession fears to negative rates and oil shocks, there has been no shortage of investment headlines so far this year. Here are eight charts that explain some of the most important stories from 2016.

September 2016

We believe in a smarter way of investing - one that combines individuality and teamwork to help investors meet their goals.

Could earnings start to improve from here? Indeed, there are a few positive signals, particularly as some of the headwinds to corporate earnings begin to ease. Here are four main factors pushing S&P 500 earnings lower, and all of them are showing signs of a potential shift.

September 2016

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