MCI index, Canadian dollars
Global Diversification Can Help Investment Results

A diverse equity asset allocation across regions may help investors capitalize on broader investment themes that transcend their preferred region.

February 2017

Steve Deschenes, Rob Lovelace, Capital Group
When Markets Turn Down, Active Managers Have Often Held Up

Funds with certain characteristics have, on average, tended to generate better results during market turbulence.

February 2017

Karl Zeile, John Smet, Fixed Income
2017 Fixed Income Outlook: Finding Value in Volatile Markets

Capital Group portfolio managers John Smet and Karl Zeile discuss opportunities they're seeing in the year ahead in the bond market.

February 2017

Gadi Slade, Analyst Global Equity
2016 Global Investing Forum Highlights: Four Things I Look for as an Analyst

Gadi Slade, a global equity analyst, describes the four areas he must get right when analyzing a company.

February 2017

China's Economy in 2017, Stephen Green, Capital Group
Where Is China's Economy Headed in 2017?

Thoughts on the growth prospects for the world's second-largest economy, its red-hot housing market and weakening currency.

February 2017


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