Matt Miller, Policy and Communications Advisor
Trump and Trade: Separating Talk From Truth

Matt Miller, policy and communications advisor for Capital Group, discusses the challenges that lie ahead for President-elect Donald Trump in negotiating trade agreements with China and Mexico.

December 2016

Donald Trump, interest rates
How Trump's Policies Might Move Interest Rates

Implications for interest rates, inflation and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

November 2016

Global consumer, consumer spending
The Changing Face of the Global Consumer

This edition of The Long View takes you around the world to learn how changing consumption patterns are driving economies and markets.

November 2016

U.S. Election, U.S. Markets
Five Ways President-Elect Trump Could Move U.S. Markets

With the election over and a new leader chosen, we examine sectors that may be impacted by Washington's new dynamics.

November 2016


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