Portfolio manager Rob Neithart, emerging markets bonds
A Glass-Half-Full Outlook for Emerging Markets Bonds    TRANSCRIPT

Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Neithart discusses the outlook for emerging markets debt and concludes that the best opportunities in todays challenging environment lie well beneath the surface.

August 2016

Fixed Income, Mike Gitlin, Quantitative Easing
Fixed Income 3.0  

Investment professionals discuss how to approach bond portfolios in a post-post crisis world.

August 2016

Portfolio manager Martin Jacobs
Opportunities in Industrials in Today's Environment    TRANSCRIPT

Capital Group portfolio manager Martin Jacobs discusses what he looks for in industrial companies in today's environment and shares two opportunities he has identified.

July 2016

Chasing returns, William Hurt, international equities
The Problem With Chasing Returns  

Investors have moved in and out of global and international equities — and not always at the right time.

July 2016


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