Jody Jonsson, Tim Armour, Kevin Clifford
Unraveling the Strong U.S. Dollar Dilemma

Will the U.S. dollar's strength continue? And what does a strong dollar mean for multinational companies? Capital Group portfolio managers Jody Jonsson and Tim Armour discuss.

January 2017

Five Keys to Investing, Carl Kawaja, Capital Group
Five Keys to Investing in 2017

There are steps investors can take to be prepared for market volatility and political uncertainty.

January 2017

2017 Outlook, Capital Group, Darrell Spence, Stephen Green
Webinar Replay: U.S., Europe and China at a Crossroads

In this webinar replay, Capital Group economists discuss the global outlook, including the slow-but-steady growth in the U.S. despite higher interest rates, Europe's political risks, and China's shift to a consumer-driven economy.

December 2016 | For advisor use only

Matt Miller, Capital Group
The Political Challenge of Populism

Matt Miller, policy and communications advisor for Capital Group, reflects on the origins of the populist movement in the U.S. and maps out the political challenges ahead.

December 2016


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