Rob Lovelace, New Geography
The New Geography of Investing® and a New Breed of Global Company

An innovative approach to gauging global companies' investment prospects has witnessed the emergence of a new generation of global company, according to Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Lovelace.

April 2017

Robert Lovelace, European union
The Case for Investing in Europe

Many investors are understandably concerned about investing in European companies today. Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Lovelace offers an alternative view.

April 2017

Michael Thawley, France elections
Election 2017: France

All eyes are on France and its national election starting this month. Political economist Michael Thawley discusses what's at stake for France and explains why Capital Group has redoubled its research efforts there.

April 2017

Jonathan Knowles, European Union
Unbothered by Brexit

Will Brexit leave the U.K. worse off in the long run? Capital Group portfolio manager Jonathan Knowles explains why he thinks the British will muddle through this crisis as they have all the others.

April 2017


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